It's Your Life Therapy 

An investment of a lifetime 

You are not crazy

You are simply struggling to navigate the complex world around you. Too often people view therapy as a shameful endeavor, something only “crazy” people do. No myth has ever been further from the truth. The truth is quality therapy will transform your life in ways you could never imagine possible. Despite how difficult it may be to see right now, you will surprise yourself and everyone in your life at what you are becoming.

An investment of a life​time ​​

Therapy is an investment of a lifetime. To delay this leap would mean putting on hold a rejuvenated sense of self and life. You have had enough of letting external factors dictate your feelings, walking on eggshells in your relationships, being your worst critic, and letting your past determine your future.

Quality Therapy

I provide a safe and comfortable environment in which you can explore yourself and your life. I hope to build a genuine connection of trust and respect and to offer quality therapy with a style that allows for flexibility, improvisation, and feedback. You are browsing Psychology Today for a reason. Let our therapeutic relationship be that reason.

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